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There were times when missing tooth  were replaced by dentures , which cause a lot of problem in eating and also aesthetics. Dentures are removable. So dentures do not serve the purpose of fixed teeth .Dental Implant  supported fixed teeth for replacing all missing teeth have revolutionized dentistry. Now even after loss of all teeth fixed natural looking teeth can be given over dental implants . They are functionally and aesthetically similar to natural tooth . you can eat anything with your implant supported fixed teeth .Jaipur Smile have the best dental implant doctor Jaipur , so book an appointment if you have all teeth missing . And you want the same old natural teeth for eating. So looking for best  dental implant doctor Jaipur contact JAIPURSMILE.

Total Edentulism (All teeth missing)  is a big problem and most of the people above 45 years in India are facing this problem. It affects your smile, facial profile and  most importantly eating habits. And this further affects your body health as you cannot chew your food .So the nutrients in your food can not be absorbed by the body and is of no use and go waste. This will degrade body health.


But now with IMPLANT SUPPORTED TEETH ,even full mouth missing teeth can be restored both aesthetically and functionally to give you  the same young looking and functionally healthy teeth. At JAIPUR SMILE  we provide you with all implant related treatment facilities with a full team of experts taking care of everything.



case 1:


Implants with abutment


abutment sealed with temporary cement


final prosthesis over implant