Laser Curettage treatment in Jaipur, India

Healthy gums are requisite for health of the teeth .If gums are diseased than it can worsen to a more severe condition commonly known as Pyorrhea or Chronic generalized Periodontitis . So initial infection and inflammation in gums should be treated cautiously and examined on a regular interval with proper oral hygiene and other instructions to be followed to regain the health of gums .

If gums are diseased than it can lead to:-

1)  Pain in gums (Mild sweet pain )

2) Bleeding while brushing or even with small trauma while eating

3)Swelling in gums

4)  Mobile teeth

5) Bad smell from mouth .

This is a alarming situation and need a Dental (Periodontal ) examination and evaluation . After evaluation a complete treatment plan is made for making the gums healthy and disease free.

Laser is a very useful device to treat such gums and acts as an adjunct for treatment of diseased gums.



Laser Gum Smile