Socket Shield Technique for Dental Implants in Jaipur, India

Socket shield also known as Partial Extraction technique is a technique to extract the whole tooth , except a small piece that is left as a shield attached to the bone , that protects the bone and hence the soft tissue from collapsing . This technique is used along with Dental implant placement . This helps to achieve the same aesthetics desired.



It is a highly predictable and successful technique to achieve the same aesthetics and result desired

Socket shield is the technique that is mainly used for upper anterior Dental Implants . This technique helps to conserve the natural bone on the front side .

After tooth extraction there is a tendency of bone loss in front of teeth (Bundle bone on labial side ), this that in turn causes loss of soft tissue .

This causes poor Aesthetics and does not give the same natural looking tooth replacement as was the natural tooth , with dental Implant.

In this below image there is loss of bone and soft tissue due to tooth extraction . If this patient would had been treated with Dental Implants with socket shield technique , than the bone and soft tissue loss could had been prevented .


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