Patients in our dental practice find they have a decision to make when they decide to undergo orthodontic treatment—choosing between clear aligners and traditional braces. Many of our adult patients are unaware that there is an alternative to traditional braces. Clear aligners—such as Invisalign—are an effective alternative with several benefits compared to traditional braces, especially for adults.

The main reason why adult patients in our practice choose clear aligners is that they appear invisible. This helps conceal the fact that the patient is undergoing orthodontic treatment, which can be embarrassing for some adults. Clear aligners also help hide existing gaps, another esthetic benefit. Clear aligners were first used only on simple orthodontic cases, such as slightly crowded teeth, but now they’re used for even the most advanced orthodontic cases.

Our patients love having the ability to remove their clear aligners when they eat and brush their teeth. This allows them to continue their usual hygiene routine of brushing and flossing.

Many patients who have traditional braces find it difficult to properly take care of their teeth because they either had poor oral hygiene to start with and do not make adjustments to their cleaning routines while wearing braces, or they fall into poor oral hygiene habits once their brackets are placed.

One of the best ways I can be more clinically effective and reduce the discomfort my patient’s experience is through the combined use of clear aligners and impressionless scanning. Impressionless scanning is becoming more widely used in dentistry, which is one reason why many of our patients opt for clear aligners.