Fixed (non-removable) bridges (supported by implants) provide function and beauty similar to natural teeth. This option gives you back fixed teeth with implants, which do not move at all. It allows you to chew all foods and are not taken out for cleaning. They are fixed in place just like your own teeth were.

Customized dentures are fit about three to six months after your teeth are extracted. This allows time for your gum tissue to heal. The waiting period ensures that the dentures will fit properly. While you wait for the gum tissue to heal, you will wear temporarily wear immediate dentures.

Jaw bone loss is primarily caused by tooth loss. … Missing teeth are usually replaced with dentures, but the problem with this is that they cannot direct the chewing forces to the jaw bone as dentures do not have roots. As a result, our jawbone recedes while wearing dentures just as it does when we have no teeth at all.

Considering dental implant surgery to replace missing or damaged teeth, but concerned about how bad it will hurt or the pain afterward? These are common fears. However, most dental implant patients say the procedure doesn’t hurt and the discomfort is minimal.