Root canal treatment is the only available option when you want to save your grossly decayed tooth. Or else you need to go for tooth extraction followed by dental bridges or dental implants. root canal treatment was only done by using drills, files, and some chemicals. At that time there was no use of lasers in dentistry. But now, lasers are frequently used in various dental procedures

when your tooth is grossly carious or the tooth pulp is involved or inflamed due to caries and if you want your tooth to be saved then only root canal treatment is the choice.

Success for RCT is to remove all the bacteria and other pathogens from the root canal. Most studies have proven that using a laser in RCT to kill bacteria and other pathogens, is the most effective than a conventional method.

Laser technology also reduces possible side effects from the root canal procedure. There’s no need to worry about files breaking off or getting stuck in the canal. The Waterlase laser also limits the amount of bleeding during dental treatment and can be used with minimal or no local anesthesia. Post-operative problems of traditional root canals are practically eliminated — the laser reduces the amount of inflammation, swelling and discomfort often felt as the anesthesia wears off. Patients may not even need pain medication often prescribed following dental surgery.